Bring your drills to life and help your players understand your vision

The BRAND NEW Sportplan animator brings your drills and set pieces to life. No longer is there a need to create over designed diagrams - simply press play and go!

  • Straightforward two click icon positioning
  • Variable movement and passing speed
  • Large array of passing options, each represented by a unique colour
  • Easy to use play and pause playback tools
  • Select your own animation window size to match your specific coaching needs

The animator uses a unique action-based animation technology; just like in a game, every player's action relies on the previous action or the action of another player or the movement of the ball. No need to be a Hollywood director to make your animations, there are no timelines here. Simply draw it how you would describe it.

Example plays created using the animator

Mix up the Passing Front Post Corner 5 Point Pass & Move
Try it yourself


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