Sportplan Spotlight: Vary Your Sessions

January 25th, 2023 Archie Dunnill


We are the largest online sport's coaching content provider and are committed to using the latest web-technologies to develop systems that make the lives of coaches and teachers easier. Our team of designers and engineers work tirelessly to bring you the latest education and time saving tools, allowing you to coach with confidence so you can affect many more athletes and students in a positive way.

Add Variety To Your Sessions

A recent Youth Sports Trust study found that 18% of teachers suggested the current PE curriculum lacked breadth and variety. We recently spoke to Charterhouse School, one of the many schools using Sportplan to overcome this; benefiting from the vast library of 15,000+ drills, providing teachers with endless inspiration and confidence at the click of a button.

"Sportplan gives us the platform to plan coaching sessions in a range of sports. It is not only useful for staff who are experienced but a valuable tool for those subject staff who have to take teams." - Nicola Edwards, Charterhouse School

Learning Platform For Students - Sportplan's Student Centre

It's important for schools to develop well rounded individuals and prepare their students for post education life. The Sportplan Student Centre allows your students to have individual access to the entire library of drills, videos and ready-to-use coaching plans to assist them in their studies.

"We use it a lot with our GCSE PE students as well as those in Sixth Form who help run sessions with local primary schools."

Using the Student Centre you can get a whole class to log in simultaneously for group learning. Pupils are provided with their own personal workspace during lessons or for their homework - click here to read more.

"Sportplan is an easy to use tool that allows us to share good practice and that all students have a good provision of coaching."

When speaking to teachers and coaches we often hear about the difficulty to provide varied and engaging sessions. With packages on offer from 1 Sport to 14 Sports, we allow schools to tailor their account to meet the needs of their staff and students and access a broad range of resources.

Sportplan has over 100,000 users globally and this is continuing to grow rapidly as we launch new functionality in our web applications and hybrid apps. We aim to provide teachers with the latest drills and session plans and build a collaborative team to inspire and engage the next generation!

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