How are you doing Lesson Observation?


Here at Sportplan we get really excited when we hear stories of how you are using Sportplan in new and innovative ways that we hadn't even imagined.

This week I visited a network of schools who have been with us for some time to get their feedback on Sportplan, and I was blown away to hear their stories of how they have been using Sportplan

The one that I want to talk about today, is lesson observation. As lesson observations become a larger part of the curriculum, schools have been experimenting with video equipment, high spec computers, and lots of cables that are easy to lose.

That's why I was so impressed to hear how these teachers have already adopted the Sportplan iPad app to solve all of this; they have been able to capture video in the app that instantly syncs into their secure cloud storage. By the time they have gathered the students back to a classroom with an interactive whiteboard or projector, they can simply log into their Sportplan account and the videos are all there ready to review and discuss.

It really is that simple, you can use Sportplan Live Capture in any of our apps on iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet.

How are you using Sportplan? Please let us know email

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