How does your PE Dept Share Best Practice?


Which best describes you:

  1. We don't share best practice?
  2. We have files on a shelf, or a filing cabinet in the corner, but it is hardly used.
  3. We have a shared folder on the school's computer system.

However you choose to record your lesson plans for future reference or ofsted and/or share materials with others in your department, the process needs to be simple to store and easy to access later on. We can help you upgrade your department to the 21st century.

Read on to learn how Sportplan allows you share everything to all teachers and is even accessible via our new mobile app.

Sharing best practice is a philosophy that has always been at the heart of what Sportplan do.

With Sportplan's Schools Package, your department can have their own personalised SportsHUB allowing you to grant access to all members of staff registered with Sportplan at the click of a button.

This gives you the opportunity to not only share as much of Sportplan's great online content, but also any content you chose to create using Sportplan's creative tools, as well as any videos, ideas or documents you generate in your department, or find online.

The SportsHUB will ensure that you can plan and save lessons giving everyone or a select group of people the ability to view them. Plus every document is treated as an individual resource with it's own comments thread to allow all users to complie feedback on the resources they use.

Take a few minutes out of your day to view this training video, showing you exactly how Sportplan can ensure the sharing of best practice in the easiest way possible.

The above video will guarantee that you and your team get the most out of your sport plan schools access. It highlights the ease and features of the SportsHub so that sharing lesson plans, files and video's becomes easy.

Any questions about Sportplan Schools Packages please contact

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